Pallet Rack Cross Beams

pallet rack cross beams
rear view
pallet rack cross beams
front view
Pallet Rack Cross Beams • Standard Sizes
96″L4″.0145900 lbs
120″L4″.0143930 lbs
144″L4″0.142810 lbs

*Shelf capacities requires a pair of beams with evenly distributed loads.

Available Colors

pallet rack colors

Please call for custom colors, sizes or gauges. (888) 277-9817

Standard 4″ step beams with an improved 3-pin connector.
Available in standard lengths of 8′, 10′ & 12′.
Two beams are required to form a shelf.
Standard color is orange.
Construction is from 14 gauge US steel.
Beams fit most major pallet rack brands.
An applied powder coat finish helps to resist chips and scratches.
Please call for configuration and pricing. (888) 277-9817