So you heard about us and want to know more about Redding Pallet Racking?

Well, we specialize and sell teardrop pallet racking in Redding and surrounding areas. Our focus is on building relationships with our customers and working side-by-side to get you what you need at an affordable price.

Experience you say, sure, we work directly with the manufacturer and have been in the material handling industry for decades. Whether your looking for standard pallet racking, carton flow, push back, or pick modules, we are your best source.

Not feeling it yet, how about if we told you that we work with some of the biggest warehouse and distribution centers in the US?

Redding Pallet Racking made in the USA?

Our clients rely on us to provide the best quality Redding Pallet Racking. For that reason, our pallet racks are made in the USA from 100% US steel. This racking is also RMI certified, meaning that it is certified for seismic areas.

Need proof? Why not just give us a call, speak to one of our friendly staff and get a FREE no obligations quote.